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Mayor Don Zoutte swore-in new police officer Joel Kimpston-Burkgren during Monday's meeting. Kimpston-Burkgren is a 22 -year-old Perry High School graduate. He has a Bachelor 's degree in Criminal Justice from Iowa State University.

The Knoxville City Council met on Monday evening to discuss a variety of matters. Following approval of the consent agenda, which included approval of the annual Urban Renewal Report, Mayor Don Zoutte swore-in new police officer Joel Kimpston-Burkgren. Kimpston-Burkgren is a 22 -year-old Perry High School graduate. He has a Bachelor ‘s degree in Criminal Justice from Iowa State University.

Council then proceeded to set a public hearing date for Dec. 2, 2013 in regards to a rezoning matter on S. Roche (Everly) from A-1 To C-1 and on Willetts Drive (Everly) From R-1 To C-1.

A Site Plan Proposal For Commercial Redevelopment Project at 318 N. Lincoln (old Kum & Go building) was approved by council. The project, according to City staff, will be worked on over the winter.

Council also approved the 2013 TIF Certification. Iowa Law requires that the City make an annual certification (the “TIF Certification”) to the Marion County Auditor, of obligations and indebtedness incurred to pay the costs of projects and initiatives in the Urban Renewal Areas. No new debt from the Park Lane project was included in this certification.

A couple of the new items on the certification included:

-Eric Drive Urban Renewal Area (agreement with Cobblestone Hotel). This was the first year the City could certify debt to the County on this item for a $560,000 tax rebate agreement. That agreement is estimated to bring in approximately $55,000 in TIF Revenue this year.

-Weiler, Inc. Agreement - A 2011 TIF agreement was certified last year for just under $200,000. This year the City is certifying the debt for the TIF agreement regarding the manufacturing component expansion for $495,000, which includes $450,000 in tax rebate. There were also three payments of $15,000 making up for some grant obligations from several years back that never had been paid.

Council discussed a offer by Cynthia Johnson on 314 N. 1st St., which the City had previously obtained through a lawsuit. The home on the property has been demolished, but the City at this time is not sure how much has been invested on the property. No action was taken on this measure.

Council also approved sewer repair to be done at South, Jefferson and Streeter Streets. Work will begin immediately so that the streets are not tore up over the winter. Clean outs will be installed at the cost of homeowners if they choose, but it will be highly recommend by City staff.

An agreement between the City of Knoxville and Peace Tree Brewing Company was approved in regards to a sewer rebate/discount plan. Peace Tree had requested an alternative method of calculating their sewer bill, as water that was coming into the business (for making their product) was in turn not all going back into the sewer.

The agreement that was approved will begin on Jan. 1, 2014 and will provide a rebate/discount from Peace Tree’s user sewer charge as set out in Title 4, Chapter 2, Section 4 of the Municipal Code which will be determined at the end of each quarter, or shortly thereafter, when Peace Tree will provide the City with a copy of the report Peace Tree will file with the US Department of Treasury that will reflect the amount of product produced by Peace Tree.

As an example of this process, if Peace Tree receives a sewer user charge based on water usage of 20,000 gallons and the report to the US Department of Treasury reflects that the Peace Tree has produced and distributed 15,000 gallons of product, then the sewer user charge will be based on the 5,000 gallons that was used and not the product produced. This would result in a rebate/discount on the 15,000 gallons of water used which was not discharged into the sewer. The City will then rebate/discount the sewer user charge back to Peace Tree for that quarter.

An additional paragraph was also added to the agreement which details that at a later time, when the street is torn up for screetscape in front of Peace Tree a meter to calculate sewer usage separately, will be installed and that the agreement will terminate at that time.

With the final action of the evening, council approved the cancellation of contract with ECivis which was used for grant management for the City. There is a $2,500 fee to cancel, but the software was finding very little grant opportunities that the CIty of Knoxville would qualify for and the $9,500 yearly fee for the software was not worth it according to City staff.

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