County employees work to plant Courthouse flowers

One of the flower boxes at the Marion County Courthouse that is planted by county employees.

The flowers planted outside of the Marion County Courthouse are thanks to the hard work of county employees who contribute their own time and money to the task each year.

“There’s a lot of people in the courthouse who go to great trouble with not only donations out of their own pocket, but also their time,” says Cal Stephens, Department Head of the County Maintenance Department.

Stephens says employees from the facilities/maintenance, clerk of court, driver’s license, auditor, assessor and recorders office all take part in purchasing and planting the courthouse flowers.

“It’s a pretty good group effort,” says Stephens.

The county is in charge of planting flowers at the courthouse each year. They fill the flower boxes located at each corner of the sidewalk. Most of the flowers are either donated or funded by a collection taken amongst county employees. All of the time taken to plant the flowers is donated.

Stephens credits county employees Nancy Harsin, Sue Beary, Vicky Chambers and Karen Schwanebeck as leaders in the efforts to plant flowers each year.

“There’s a lot of county workers that are very good people. They’ll always go the extra mile for you,” says Stephens. “Sometimes people don’t see that or notice it, so sometimes they don’t get recognition.”