Dave Loebsack hosts veterans workshop in Knoxville

Photo by Emma Skahill/Pella ChronicleCongressman Dave Loebsack brought his "Serving Those Who Served" workshop to Knoxville VFW John Myers Post.

Congressman Dave Loebsack, who represents Iowa’s second Congressional district, visited Knoxville on July 8.

Loebsack hosted a “Serving Those Who Served” workshop for veterans and their families at the VFW John Myers Post. The Congressman is holding eight workshops around the district to give veterans and their families a chance to seek assistance if they are having issues with the VA or other federal agencies. It is also a time to discuss other issues veterans may be facing.

Loebsack’s term in Congress ends in January of 2021. He stated at the workshop, “In my time left in Congress, I am going to work my tail off ... veterans will be one of the things I am focusing on with the rest of my time. That’s why I’m here today, to hear what you folks have to say.”

During the workshop, Loebsack emphasized the importance of access to mental health care for veterans.

“We have to make sure that if there is somebody in the veteran system who goes to CBOC, who goes to the VA hospital and wants to have an inpatient psychiatric bed, that that person can go through the screening and have access to that bed,” Loebsack said.

The Congressman also briefly discussed the Mission Act, which will work to streamline the relationship with private-sector health care providers through the Veterans Community Care Program. This act gives veterans more flexibility when accessing medical care.

“Over the years, for the most part, what I’ve heard from veterans is that Iowa veterans get pretty darn good medical care, relative especially to others states around the country,” said Loebsack. “Sure there are problems and there are issues from time to time, and we’ll do what we can to help people with those issues. We’ll continue to do everything we possibly can.”

Loebsack also took the time to hear questions and concerns from veterans that were in attendance at the workshop.

This is the eighth year Loebsack has hosted workshops for veterans around the Fourth of July.