Governor Reynolds announced 27 collaborative, public-private partnership events will be taking place to help Iowa build a skilled workforce for the future. From September 4 to November 1, Future Ready Iowa Employer Summits will be taking place across the state, including a summit in Marion County.

Future Ready Iowa Employer Summits will host a session in Pella on October 2. Registration for this event is not yet open. Each summit will last approximately two hours.

“My top priority is ensuring Iowans have the skills they need to succeed in a global economy driven by disruptive technology. Future Ready Iowa is vital for accomplishing that goal as well as meeting our job creators’ needs,” said Gov. Reynolds. “That’s why we’re hosting statewide Employer Summits for top business, community and education leaders to collaborate, innovate and ultimately, help Iowans thrive in cutting-edge careers.”

Each event will feature presentations about hiring and retraining practices, collaborating with community partners and upskilling current employees. Employers, local business members, and educators are encouraged to attend. Iowa Workforce Development is partnering with the Iowa Association of Business and Industry and the Iowa Business Council to host the events across the state.

“Employer support and participation is absolutely essential to the success of Future Ready Iowa and ensuring we meet our goal of 70 percent of Iowans with postsecondary training or education by 2025,” said Director Beth Townsend, Iowa Workforce Development. “The focus of the summits is on employers and how they can leverage Future Ready Iowa to create and sustain its talent pipeline as well as educating them about all the different options they have to grow their skilled workforce, both internally and externally.”

“Iowa Association of Business and Industry members look forward to co-hosting these summits and learning about workforce solutions with local employers,” said President Michael Ralston, Iowa Association of Business and Industry. “We hope they will gain a new perspective about state resources that can help their business succeed.”

"Iowa Business Council members understand the critical nature of Future Ready Iowa's success throughout the state," said Executive Director Georgia Van Gundy, Iowa Business Council. "The Employer Summits will be a way for local businesses to learn about Future Ready Iowa programs and the best practices to address workforce challenges in the region."

The events are of no cost to the attendees. Registration for upcoming events is now available at