According to unofficial election results, Brian Hatch has defeated incumbent Don Zoutte in Knoxville's mayoral election and Dawn Allspach-Kline was elected to the city council, defeating incumbent Elsie Kemp. 

"I look forward to working with everyone," Hatch said after learning of the results. The County Auditor's report indicates that Hatch received 785 to Zoutte's 501. Zoutte was also at the courthouse and immediately congraulated Hatch when the results were revealed. He said he hopes Hatch will keep up the good work that has begun in Knoxville, and that Zoutte has run in his last city election. 

Hatch thanked Zoutte for the work he has done and his years of service. Zoutte has served as mayor for two terms. Hatch hopes Zoutte will continue to stay active within the community. 

Allspach-Kline received 583 votes to claim one of the city council seats up for election. Incumbent Dave Roozeboom was the top vote-getter with 601 and will serve another term. 

Allpsach-Kline said she is excited about the outcome. She is hopeful for the future of Knoxville, its businesses and the community overall. Both Allspach-Kline and Hatch were relieved that the campaign is over. 

Elsie Kemp received 550 votes, 33 fewer than Allspach-Kline. She made a brief appearance at the courthouse, but we were unable to catch up with her for a comment. Kemp has served two terms on the council. 

Mike Roberts received 395 votes and was also at the courthouse. Roberts said he and his campaign had done all that they could. He intends to remain active in Knoxville and supportive of the community, and he wishes the winners the best of luck. 

Candidate Mike Groenendyk received 197 votes and Will Gingerich received 108. There were 1,292 ballots cast in the City of Knoxville's election, of 5,421 eligible voters, which means there was 23.8 percent participation. 

In Pleasantville's mayoral race, Bill Moore edged out Joe Van Haalen, 151 votes to 79. John Franey and Anthony McDonald were elected to four-year terms on the city council and Jordan Van Ness was elected to fill out a term. There were 236 ballots cast in the City of Pleasantville, or 20.2 percent. 

Louis Karpan defeated Amos Spoon in Melcher-Dallas' mayoral race, 143-78. Jack Brown and Mark Herold were elected to fill the two council seats, though there were 66 write-in votes cast. Of Melcher-Dallas' 888 eligible voters, 224 cast ballots, or 25.2 percent. 

The last contested race in Marion County was in Harvey. Dennis Seibert was reelected mayor over Danny Robbins, 32-15. Council members elected were Mike Aalbers, Charles W. Evans, Libbie Miller, Alicia Minard and Sue Ver Meer. There were 12 write-in votes. Harvey residents cast 50 ballots and had a 24.8 percent voter turnout. 

Other election results:

• Bussey Mayor-Larry Pinegar, 28 votes. Council-Leann Sanders 28 votes, Stephanie Sterner 31 votes. Bussey had 11.6 percent voter turnout.

• Hamilton Mayor-Patrick Silvers, 7 votes. Council-Lynn Silvers 7 votes, Angela Jo Thopmson 7 votes. There were seven ballots cast of 80 eligible in Hamilton.

• Marysville mayor-Corey Bakalar, 5 votes. Council-Patrick Flattery 8 votes, Clifford Pettyjohn 7 votes. There were eight ballots cast among Marysville's 29 eligible voters. 

• Pella City Council at large-Mark De Jong, 271 votes. Ward One-Dan L. Vander Beek, 62 votes. Ward Three-Bruce Schiebout, 83 votes. None of the Pella wards had higher than 5 percent voter turnout. 

• Swan mayor-Steve Woods, 13 votes. Council-James A. Stevens 10 votes, William Heywood 13 votes. There were 18 ballots cast among 52 eligible voters in Swan, or 34.6 percent participation. 

Marion County Auditor Jake Grandia said the election ran smoothly. Results are unofficial until the Board of Supervisors' canvass, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 12. 

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