Knoxville Area Community Theater’s production of Mary Poppins took the stage November 14-17 at the Knoxville Performing Arts Center.

“It went really well,” says director Marty Adkins. “We were happy with the performances and audience responses. It was a lot of fun.”

The show told the story of a magical nanny who blows into the lives of a troubled London family, helping them to discover the wonderful world around them, while rediscovering each other. It featured performers and crew members from Knoxville, Marion County and the surrounding area.

Adkins says each of the show’s five performances were well attended, averaging around 200 people in the audience at each performance. He was also pleased with the amount of children who attended the shows, especially the matinee performances.

Following each performance, Adkins says he had audience members approach him to compliment the show. He even received comments that KACT’s performance of Mary Poppins was one of the best community theater shows audience members had ever experienced.

“It was very affirming for me,” Adkins says. “People worked really hard and joyfully and did something excellent. I’m really proud of that.”

Although the show had successful performances, Adkins says the highlights for him were the relationships that were formed and watching cast and crew members create a strong bond.

“We had a group of people who genuinely came to care for each other,” Adkins says. “There were new friendships formed and old friendships renewed. It’s kind of exactly why you do this. They’re all part of the KACT family now.”

Adkins gives credit to not only the cast, but also the wonderful backstage crew. He says the time and effort the stage crew invested really meant something and helped make the show successful.

He also says the show would not have been possible without the help of several individuals who were behind the scenes. Adkins says that choreographer MacKenzie Niday, special effects designer Troy Errthum, producer Carol Adkins, set builder Al Vander Linden and music director Michael Howland all played an instrumental role in making the show a success.

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