The Knoxville Airport held its annual Fly-in and Drive-in breakfast on June 29. This is the 13th year the airport has held this event.

The fly-in is typically held in September. However, this year it was held in conjunction with the National Ercoupe Convention hosted by the Knoxville Airport. People flew in from across the country in small aircraft for the 3-day event taking place over the weekend.

Volunteer Janet Westberg said of hosting the fly-in with the convention, “We decided to make it a larger thing and have our fly-in with it.”

Along with a catered breakfast, the fly-in included activities such as pony rides, Smitty’s inflatables and train rides, kettle corn, snow cones, giant yard games, a waterslide, Mercy One helicopter tours, a 4-H petting zoo, Knoxville Fire and Rescue, and a drug dog. There were also airplanes and classic cars on display. Plane rides were available to those who were interested.

“In the past, I wanted to get the city aware of what was going on at the airport and to come out and see the facility,” said Westberg. “There’s something for everybody. It turned out to be a really nice thing because otherwise you’d just have planes and that was it. When we put everything else together, that’s when it became a community thing, rather than just Knoxville airport.”

The fly-in breakfast allows members of the community to view the Knoxville Airport’s facilities. It serves as a way for community members to learn about what takes place at the airport and how it serves the Knoxville community.

“It takes a lot of people to do it,” says Westberg. “They’re all willing to help and it falls together really easily.”