Continuing the commitment to provide the highest level of primary care, Knoxville Hospital & Clinics CEO Kevin Kincaid has announced that the primary care practice at Knoxville Hospital Clinic has once again achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Knoxville Hospital Clinic’s first recognition in 2016 extended through 2019.

PCMHs promote a partnership that allows the patient and his or her care team to get to know each other and work together to improve the patient’s health. A personalized care plan is developed for patients that need them, and the patient’s care team will review the plan regularly to ensure that it is working to keep the patient healthy.

The team keeps up with the patient’s health progress, tracks test results and health screenings, and makes sure the patient receives the right care at the right time. PCMHs are particularly effective at promoting routine and preventive primary care and have been found to reduce emergency room visits among their patients.

“This recognition is a credit to our staff’s commitment to our mission of providing patients with exceptional healthcare,” said Kincaid. “Primary care in the 21st Century focuses on what the patient wants and all of their healthcare needs. We take pride in walking alongside our patients throughout their healthcare journeys. To achieve the recognition for a second straight time validates our efforts.”

The NCQA found that the Knoxville Hospital Clinic has integrated the best elements of private practice in coordinating care and making care accessible including: implementing an on-call system where patients reach their doctor if situations arise that could affect their care; new care-management procedures to identify high-risk patients; referral tracking and follow-up; and supporting self-care and the ability to document and measure performance in meeting these goals.

Other significant PCMH benchmarks to achieve recognition include:

• Extended hours of operation beyond a 9-to-5 schedule and greater availability for outpatient appointments.

• Developing a care team for each patient, which offers patients the reassuring experience of interacting with the same doctor or nurse at each appointment.

• Tracking of patients during each step of their care by their care team.

• Partnering with patients and caregivers to develop a care plan to manage and coordinate patient care.

Evidence shows the many benefits of PCMHs, including better quality, patient experience, continuity of care, prevention and disease management. Studies also show lower costs from reduced emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

“By maintaining our Medical Home recognition, it shows we remain committed to the quadruple aim of improved quality, improved patient experience, and improved staff satisfaction – while reducing health care costs,” said Dr. Brent Hoehns, KHC physician.

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