Initial roadway alignment concepts for the Knoxville Area Transportation Location Study are now available for review and comment through May 31.

Reviews and comments can be made at

The alignment concepts were initially presented at a public meeting on Thursday, May 9. Materials from this meeting can also be found at the website listed above.

Marion County is hoping to engage a broader audience by providing an input opportunity online. To provide feedback on the roadway alignments, visit the website and add a location-specific comment by clicking on the “Tell us what you think” button – each roadway alignment concept can be toggled on and off in the legend. Click the “Add a comment” button, and drag the pin to a specific location and type your comment.

This study builds on previous efforts for the Knoxville Area Transportation Feasibility Study and aims to provide an economical roadway corridor that more directly serves the commuter and freight needs between Knoxville and Pella in Marion County. The study will utilize existing county road right-of-way where feasible, meet current design and operations standards, consider environmental constraints, and determine the most feasible roadway alignment(s) to carry ahead for future studies.

The public is encouraged to submit any questions about the project by emailing the project team at

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