Knoxville Rotary presents check to BRAVO Series

Submitted PhotoMembers of the Rotary Club of Knoxville present a check to BRAVO Series President, Randy Flack.

It’s said that pennies can add up to weigh more than the elephant. On July 31, Rotary Club of Knoxville presented a $300 check for the BRAVO Series to its President, Randy Flack.

Each Rotary club passes a “can” at its weekly meeting that is designated for a non-profit that is identified by the club’s president. The Rotary Club of Knoxville’s 2018-2019 Rotary Co-Presidents Larry Formanek and T. Waldmann-Williams decided to have their non-profit recipient be the BRAVO Series. This is one of several fundraisers the club has during the year.

The club’s current fundraiser is joining the United Methodist women as they serve pancakes during Nationals at the Armory from through August 10 from 7-1 p.m.

Past President Formanek said, “We know how important arts are to a community and the BRAVO Series brings world-class entertainment with at least three shows to our community.”

In thanking the Rotarians for the donation, BRAVO Series President Randy Flack said, “Another feature is that students can attend at a much-reduced rate. Sometimes the performers will do a workshop and/or have the students participate with them. Ticket sales alone don’t support the series. We are grateful for Rotary’s and all sponsors’ support.”

Co-President’s Formanek and Waldmann-Williams were joined with other Rotarians to present the $300 check for the BRAVO Series’ President to Dr. Randy Flack, former Knoxville School District’s superintendent and Rotarian.

Look for the 2019-2020 BRAVO Series to be announced soon.