Helping Hands Donation

Rhonda Geery and the students on her bus route made a Thanksgiving donation to Helping Hands.

Knoxville students and their school bus drive made a donation to Helping Hands to provide food for the organization’s Thanksgiving baskets.

Rhonda Geery and the students on her bus route donated five turkeys and two boxes filled with canned goods and non-perishable items to Helping Hands on Nov. 21.

Helping Hands has been working to put together Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets and has been asking for help with filling the baskets. All of the services offered at Helping Hands, including the holiday baskets, are free. Because of this, the organization depends solely on donations to help make its services possible.

“Thanksgiving is always the toughest because it gets upon us before we know,” said Chuck Galeazzi with Helping Hands. “It is a time of need.”

This is the first year Geery and her bus route have donated to Helping Hands. Geery says she suggested the idea to the students and it was an instant hit.

“I had a little box behind my seat and everyday they would bring stuff to put in,” Geery says. “They loved it.”

Following their donation, Galeazzi told the students, “You kids don’t have any idea how this makes my heart happy, because you’re giving gifts to people you don’t even know. You’re helping them have a very happy Thanksgiving.”

Helping Hands serves communities around Marion County including Knoxville, Pleasantville, Melcher-Dallas, Bussey, Columbia, Harvey, Tracey and Hamilton. They give food away to the community on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, bagging up over 300 bags of groceries. Galeazzi says Helping Hands serves as a “clearinghouse” for the community when it comes to food, especially during Thanksgiving.

The Helping Hands Thanksgiving baskets were delivered on Nov. 22, but the organization is still accepting donations for the Christmas baskets until Dec. 20.

Helping Hands is located at 110 E. Main St. in Knoxville. For more information or questions about donations, call 641-842-6933.

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