Land of Lakes Choirboys perform in Knoxville

The Land of Lakes Choirboys performed a concert at the Knoxville First United Methodist Church on June 17.

The Land of Lake Choirboys of Minnesota performed a concert at the Knoxville First United Methodist Church on June 17. The concert marked the first stop of the choir’s 17-day tour around the country.

The choir’s concert program consisted of 15 songs from various genres, including both traditional and contemporary pieces. A portion of the program allowed the audience to ask the boys a few questions. Although the day began with the choir’s tour bus blowing a tire, they were still able to make it to Knoxville in time for the performance.

Based in Elk River, Minnesota, the Land of Lake Choirboys are in their 43rd season. There are over 50 boys enrolled in the program, varying in age from 6-16 years old. They attend multiple school districts and some travel as far as an hour and a half one way to attend rehearsals.

The Land of Lakes Choirboys program is a non-profit organization. The boys in the program are trained not only in music, but also is a traditional set of manners.

“We believe in teaching them how to be young gentlemen,” said the choir’s Artistic Director Aaron Carpenter. “In our program, although music may be the obvious thing because we’re a choir, really the product of our organization is the boy that goes through our program. It has little to do with the music we perform.”

The program focuses on teaching the boys skills such as shaking hands, proper etiquette when sitting at a table, and manners such as saying please and thank you. In addition, the boys receive an intensive music education and training.

The Land of Lakes Choirboys will continue their tour with performances in Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois and a final homecoming performance in Minnesota.