Loebsack Tour

Congressman Dave Loebsack, left, toured the Grand Theater on November 7. He is pictured with Curt Schwanebeck, president of the Grand Theater Foundation, and Sean Skeehan, executive director of the Grand Theater Foundation.

Congressman Dave Loebsack visited the Grand Theater for a tour of the recently renovated facility.

Loebsack was shown around the Grand on Nov. 7 by Sean Skeehan, Executive Director of the Grand Theater Foundation, and Curt Schwanebeck, President of the Grand Theater Foundation. Skeehan and Schwanebeck shared the theater’s history with the Congressman and gave him an overview of the renovations.

“I love these older theaters,” Loebsack said. “They’re just wonderful for local communities. These local theaters, it gives a great opportunity for the local community to take advantage of that and have a night out.”

When visiting communities within the Congressional District, Loebsack often holds town halls or smaller meetings to discuss issues with constituents. He says that tours through local businesses, such as the Grand Theater, are more intimate and allow him to learn more form the people on the ground.

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