Main Street Donuts coming to Knoxville

Photo by Ethan Goetz

KNOXVILLE — Lynne John Tauchen is getting ready to open her fifth donut shop at 113 Main St.

“We are known for our fresh donuts,” Tauchen said. “I told my husband the only way I will make donuts is fresh donuts.”

Tauchen said her husband studied the markets in southeast Iowa and found many of the towns have not had a fresh donut shop for many years.

Tauchen said said she opened up the first Main Street Donut nearly three years ago in Ottumwa.

When the store first opened they served breakfast and lunch on top of making fresh donuts. Tauchen said she had a difficult time finding good help for making breakfast and lunches and decided to stick with what she knows best, making donuts.

Tauchen said workers hit the kitchen to prep and prepare donuts in the late afternoon the day before opening for business the next morning. She said it’s a process.

“We start making donuts at 5 p.m.,” Tauchen said. “It takes a while for the dough to rise, then to fry, fill and frost.”

The Knoxville location will not have a kitchen, instead donuts will be loaded in a transporter van early in the morning and delivered to Knoxville before opening.

A date has not been set for the Knoxville location opening, but Tauchen said she would like to open a week or so before Nationals.

The Knoxville Main Street Donut will be open six days a week Tuesday through Sunday from 6 – 11 a.m.

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