Investigation into a suspicious death has led law enforcement officials to file murder charges, but that's just where the story begins.

As reported on, the Marion County Sheriff's Office received a call at 12:27 p.m. Friday afternoon, Jan. 7. Family members had discovered the body of Teresa Louise Miller, 51, at her residence at 1722 Highway 14 South, Knoxville.

Investigation showed Miller had been shot. With assistance from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the sheriff's office learned that the victim's husband, Michael Jamey Miller, 42, had been involved in an affair for the past six months.

Court records indicate that Miller had told the other woman he was single. The other woman had discovered that was false. Teresa had suspected an affair going on.

In the days leading up to Teresa's death, the other woman had indicated to the defendant that she wanted to be the only woman in his life, or not continue the relationship.

Miller is employed by Marzetti's Frozen Pasta, with Terry Tobias Cobbins, 31, of Des Moines. A neighbor of Cobbins provided information to law enforcement that he overheard a conversation between Miller and Cobbins.

In this conversation, Miller allegedly said he was worried that if he got a divorce, his wife would take all of his money. The neighbor also claimed that Miller told Cobbins he wanted his wife dead and was willing to pay for it.

The neighbor went on to tell law enforcement that Cobbins had asked if he would be willing to assist in Teresa's murder. The neighbor declined.

On the day of Teresa's death, Miller made a rental vehicle available to Cobbins and a second individual. The second individual is not identified in court records.

Miller allegedly admitted to law enforcement in an interview on Jan. 7 that he and Cobbins traveled to a rental car agency in Des Moines. The purpose was to rent a car for Cobbins, though Miller paid for it and placed the vehicle in his own name.

Miller was interviewed a second time on Jan. 10. In his first interview, Miller allegedly stated that he had met another individual at 5 a.m., then took this person to a Des Moines staffing agency. Miller said he allegedly went alone to the home of the woman he is having an affair with. However, on Jan. 10, he changed his story, saying that he and this other person went to the woman's house together.

Miller had previously denied that he was involved in a sexual relationship with the other woman. On Jan. 10, he allegedly admitted to having a one time sexual encounter with her one year ago.

Court records indicate that Miller met with the other woman on Jan. 8. She told law enforcement that when Miller visited, he told her he was now single. He allegedly professed his love for her and that now that he is single, they could be together in a month.

Phone records indicate that Miller and Cobbins had been in contact a great deal between Jan. 7-10. Miller admitted to being in contact with Cobbins, according to court records. Miller allegedly told law enforcement that Cobbins had asked him for money, but Miller gave him none.

On Jan. 10, Miller told law enforcement that he realized Cobbins and a second person were responsible for his wife's death. He denied having any kind of an agreement with Cobbins for the murder.

Law enforcement claims Miller also told them that he did not know what Cobbins and his alleged accomplice would stand to gain from his wife's death. He then allegedly claimed the other woman had convinced Cobbins and the other individual to kill Teresa, so she could be with Miller.

Miller has been charged with murder in the first degree. He was arrested Tuesday and is being held in the Marion County Jail on $1 million bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 21, at 10 a.m.

Cobbins is being held at the Milwaukee County Jail in Milwaukee, Wis., awaiting extradition to Marion County. As of Tuesday afternoon, the sheriff's office called him a “material witness,” though that was expected to change.

The sheriff's office has been assisted by the DCI, Iowa State Patrol, Windsor Heights Police Department, Clive Police Department, Des Moines Police Department, Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation and the US Marshal Service.

Marion County Sheriff Ron Goemaat said his department and the DCI have worked tirelessly on this case. The investigation is ongoing.  

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