Three more cases of a canine disease that can be passed to humans have been identified in dogs from a Marion County dog breeder.

Double G. Kennels, a small dog commercial breeding facility near Knoxville, was the subject of news in May when one case of the disease was found by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

Today the department announced they've identified three more cases from the same breeder. They were identified after pet owners saw the initial report and had their animals tested, though their dogs were not yet showing signs of the disease.

About 200 small dogs were sold during a dispersal sale at Double G Kennels, which also operates, according to a press release from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Nine of those dogs tested positive for the disease.

The dogs in the sale go through a final round of clinical tests between July 2-6. The ones testing negative will be able to be released from quarantine. Dogs who test positive will remain in place to determine next steps.

Dog owners who purchased a small dog from either Double G Kennels or should consult with a veterinarian to determine if their animals should be tested, according to the department's press release.

The business has caught headlines before, appearing on the Humane Society’s “Horrible 100” list in 2018, and in other recent years.

Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that can affect dogs and other species of animals. It is also a zoonotic disease, meaning an infected animal can transmit it to humans. The threat to most pet owners is considered very low. Dog breeders, veterinary staff and anyone who comes in contact with a positive or suspect dog may be at higher risk. These individuals should take appropriate precautions when handling these animals. If individuals have human health concerns, they should consult their physician or the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Kyle Ocker is the regional editor of the Knoxville Journal-Express, Pella Chronicle, Oskaloosa Herald and Centerville Daily Iowegian. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Kyle_Ocker.

Kyle Ocker has been the editor of the Knoxville Journal Express since November 2016. He formerly held the titles of sports editor and associate editor at the Centerville Daily Iowegian, a sister paper to the Journal Express.

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