KNOXVILLE — The Knoxville City Council added a new member on Aug. 14, voting unanimously to appoint Dylan Morse to fill in the vacant council member seat.

Several council members said they wanted a candidate who could hit the ground running and feel Morris is the right candidate.

Morse expressed optimism when speaking about the Knoxville community.

“Knoxville has it’s share of challenges like all small towns do, but I think Knoxville is an awesome position for the future,” Morse said. “When you have all of your major employers growing, your adding new employees, the hospital is expanding, we have had additions to the school. We have new businesses in town and old businesses renovating and improving themselves. There is a lot of positive momentum in this town now.”

Morse also said investments made in the community over the past several years are a positive sign.

“Look at all the private dollars that have been invested in the community in the last five years. You don’t see that in a community that is dying. You don’t see that in a community that does not care and is not willing to invest in its self, and to boot strap its way out of its own challenges,” he continued.

“I think we are in a real good position and we have a lot of huge opportunities ahead of us. I want to be a part of it any way I can.”

Morse will be sworn in on Aug. 21 during the next city council meeting. He replaces former Knoxville political icon Craig Kelley, who resigned from the City Council several weeks ago.

Ethan Goetz is a general assignment reporter for the Knoxville Journal-Express. He can be reached in the newsroom at 641-842-2155, ext. 19, or via email at Follow him on Twitter @Ethan_Goetz.

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