Nationals boost donations for Clauson project

Photo submittedWorkers on scaffolding work on the elevator shaft for the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower.

KNOXVILLE — Increased attendance at the 2017 Knoxville Nationals was good news for both the National Spring Car Hall of Fame and Museum and the Bryan Clauson suite tower project, said NSCHoF Director Bob Baker.

“Our attendance was up throughout the whole 10-day period, which equates to increased sales,” Baker said. Part of that was due to the excellent weather we had. The weather was phenomenal.”

Besides the weather, Baker said the Sammy Swindell exhibit at the NSCHoF helped raise foot traffic during Nationals.

NSCHoF wanted to continue to raise awareness and funds for the Byran Clauson Suite Tower during Nationals, Baker said. The project is under construction just west of the NSCHoF.

“The elevator tower has been complete, so the next step are the utilities, the plumbing, electricity, all of the things that go into the building,” Baker said.

The utilities need to be installed before the concrete floor is poured, Baker added.

Baker said the NSCHoF raised a lot of money for the project. It has $2 million donated or pledged. The project will cost $3.4 million.

“We are well over half way,” Baker said. “We’re looking toward the next major events, not only here in Knoxville, but across the country to help raise awareness and funding for the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower,” Baker said.

Construction of the building is on schedule, with completion planned by early April.

“It’s a really good time to have it finished because a lot of our suite holders like to decorate and model their suites to suit their taste,” Baker said. “They like to put in cabinets, wall hangings, furniture, refrigerators and televisions to give the suite a home feel.”

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