For 20 years, Aging Resources on Central Iowa has celebrated families that are caring for an aging parent, ill spouse or other “family” member during the month of November, the National Family Caregiver Month.

A simple “thank you for all you do” to aid someone in remaining independent really doesn’t come close to the respect and honor these individuals deserve.

  • In July 2019, the Iowa State Legislature passed the CAREAct to acknowledge family caregivers who are supporting a family member that is being released from the hospital. The title CAREstands for Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable.
  • The CAREAct requires hospitals to offer Iowans an opportunity to:
  • Record the name of a family member as their caregiver upon admission to the hospital.
  • Keep that caregiver informed of plans when their family member will be released from he hospital.
  • Discuss with the caregiver their abilities and limitations to provide needed cares.
  • Provide education and instruction to the caregiver who will be providing support in the home.
  • Supporting family caregivers is a priority that needs to be recognized more than one month in a year, but November is a great month to give thanks for all they do. Express your appreciation to a caregiver the next time you see one, or pat yourself on the back if you are one!

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