Officer Brown

Office Darrel Brown greets community members at his retirement open house on Nov. 20. Brown spent 27 years serving the citizens of Knoxville.

Officer Darrel Brown celebrated his retirement from the Knoxville Police Department after a 27-year career.

Brown was joined by family, friends and community members at the Knoxville Public Library on Nov. 20 to celebrate his retirement with an open house.

Over the course of his career, Brown says some of the most memorable aspects included working with people from various departments, such as the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the KPD. He says that everyone worked together really well, making it a highlight of his impressive career.

Brown also enjoyed working with the Knoxville community, saying the people are great.

“What sticks in my mind about Darrel is that people always wanted to talk to him,” said KPD Chief Dan Losada. “Everyone loved him. He had such a great memory of everybody he ever dealt with. You could ask him about a case from 27 years ago and he’d be able to tell you all the details.”

In his retirement, Brown still plans to keep busy. He says there is a possibility that he will work security at the courthouse. Officer Brown also plans on “enjoying life and my family.”

“The biggest impact in Darrel’s leaving is going to be that we’re losing all that institutional knowledge and a great resource and a great person,” Losada said.

Following his retirement party, Officer Brown was heard signing off for the final time. Dispatch responded by saying, “Thank you for your service to the citizens of Knoxville and Marion County. You have served your community well.”

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