DES MOINES — Throughout the 2019-2020 football and basketball seasons, college sports fans have been encouraged to nominate their Iowa or South Dakota hometown to receive an award from Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s 3-Point Play program.

Pleasantville and Melcher-Dallas are currently in the top three for their respective universities.

Each time a successful field goal was kicked, or a three-pointer is drained for one of the Division I universities in either state, Wellmark awarded $300 and $20, respectively, to support unfunded or underfunded health projects. This season, more than $68,000 has been generated to-date.

“Wellmark’s 3-Point Play program is the perfect opportunity for Iowa and South Dakota communities to engage their residents in working toward a future of better health,” said Chris Verlengia, Wellmark’s senior brand marketing manager. “With the added incentive of funding to support key projects that help their town become more active, we’re seeing fans passionately advocating for their communities. So far this season, more than 400 hometowns have been nominated by fans across both states, and we only expect that number to grow over the next two months.”

The program continues through March Madness. Each time you attend a basketball game at one of the Division I universities in Iowa and South Dakota, you’ll have the opportunity to nominate your community for a chance to receive funding for health and wellness programs. Just listen to the game announcer for your cue to participate.

If you aren’t planning to attend a game this season, you can still nominate your hometown at

Current leader board:

Drake University $7,860

1. Baxter

2. Newton

3. Des Moines

Iowa State University $11,540

1. Runnells

2. Pleasantville

3. Huxley

University of Iowa $15,680

1. Dayton

2. Melcher-Dallas

3. Gladbrook

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