KNOXVILLE — The Knoxville Police Department averaged nine forgery arrests per year over the past 10 years, KPD Chief Dan Losada said. So far this year, KPD had responded to 10 reports of forgery with six arrests.

A common factor in forgery cases is that many of the forged check cases were on closed accounts, Losada said.

“People get a new account and fail to properly dispose of their old checks,” Losada said. “Another person finds the checks and starts to use them.”

Since the account is closed, the owner may not realize their checkbook has been stolen until the checks have already been written and passed, Losada continued.

Safety measures can be taken to help prevent becoming a victim of check forgery. Losada advises people to dispose of old checks properly and secure the current checks in use.

“People receiving checks can also help by requiring people passing checks to present a photo ID and recording that information on the check,” Losada said. “Dishonest people are often reluctant to present ID.”

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