Rotary Bandstand

Members of the Rotary Club of Knoxville visited the newly refurbished Rotary Bandstand on Oct. 9. The bandstand was refurbished to commemorate the Rotary’s 80th anniversary.

The Rotary Club of Knoxville began is 80th anniversary celebration by visiting the newly refurbished Rotary Bandstand on Oct. 9.

The bandstand, located outside the Marion County Courthouse, has worn the Rotary name since 2004, when the Knoxville Rotary celebrated its 65th anniversary. At that time, the group wanted to do something to benefit not only themselves, but also the community.

Rotary member Terry Wilson suggested rebuilding the Courthouse Bandstand, as it had burned down many years before. The job was supervised by Will Prather to help commemorate the anniversary.

With this year marking the Rotary’s 80th anniversary, President Tyler Christian suggested refurbishing the bandstand. The structure was in need of restoration and repairs. Christian wanted to ensure the bandstand looked nice, since it bears the Rotary’s name.

The bandstand refurbishment was overseen by Dr. Larry Formanek. During the restoration, Weiler Industries donated time and materials to powder-coat the metal handrails and accents. Rotary members assisted with power-washing and staining the bandstand.

“People just chipped in and did what they could,” said T. Waldmann-Williams. “We all care about the community and we want to serve it.”

Rotary members gathered at the Marion County Courthouse on October 9 to view the completed bandstand.

“It just looks so nice,” Waldmann-Williams said. “I’m really excited. They did such a good job.”

Waldmann-Williams says the Rotary Club of Knoxville has more events planned to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Announcements about future celebration plans are still to come.

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