The Knoxville School Board approved a proposal to redesign the school’s logo during the regular board meeting on Oct. 14.

The approved proposal, as well as a service agreement, will allow the district to work with Letterman Creative, a company based out of West Des Moines.

Ryan Paulsen, the district’s Activities Director, presented information regarding the logo redesign/rebranding to the school board. Paulsen says the new logo would help the district to rebrand itself with a professional look.

The current Knoxville Panther logo is not currently protected. Paulsen says that because of this, there are multiple variations of the panther logo.

“It makes it difficult to be consistent with telling your story and branding who are you are,” Paulsen said during his presentation.

The board’s approval of the proposal and service contract will allow the creation of one central logo system. A trademark will be placed on the logo, giving the district full control over the design, as well as more exclusivity to local businesses.

The overall cost of the logo’s rebranding will total approximately $14,000. Paulsen says the funding for this will come from the general athletics expense fund.

The approved proposal will include the first three tiers of Letterman Creative’s services. Tier one includes a consulting process and brand system design. The brand system design services include the creation of a new Panther mark, a mascot graphic and various Knoxville logos, as well as style guides for uniforms and apparel.

Tier two builds upon tier one by including activity affiliations with the logo, such as “football” or “band.” Tier three includes district logos, which will help use the newly developed logos for brand consistency.

Board Member Larissa Van Donselaar sat on the task force during the initial discussion of recreating the logo. During Monday’s meeting, she said, “[Letterman Creative] wants community buy-in and input. They’ve worked with districts on this before, so they know that the community needs to be at the table…They know how to do it and have a passion for it.”

Once work begins on redesigning the logo, it will take approximately two to three months to complete the process.

The proposal to work with Letterman Creative was approved with a 3-1 vote. Board members Andrew Schmidt, Larry Scott and Larissa Van Donselaar voted in approval. Marty Duffy cast a no vote, citing he had some answered questions remaining after the discussion.

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