The Marion County Board of Supervisors approved a property insurance request from the Marion County Historical Society during their regular meeting on Oct. 8.

The Marion County Historical Society maintains eight historical buildings. The buildings were brought from locations around the county to the County Park in Knoxville. While the park is county land, the buildings are not considered county property.

Craig Agan, Marion County Historical Society President, explained that a previous agreement between the society and Marion County had been in place. In the agreement, the county had covered the property insurance cost for the Historical Society. The total cost had previously been $1,760.

Since the eight buildings are not considered county property, they were removed from the county’s insurance plan. The buildings are currently without insurance coverage.

Agan requested an ongoing grant from the Board of Supervisors in the amount of $1,750. The new insurance coverage would cost approximately $4,200 annually. The Marion County Historical Society plans to cover the remaining insurance cost.

“We’re very proud of what we do as a Historical Society,” Agan said. “We try to represent the entire county and preserver the history of the county… We do have to keep the buildings up.”

The board approved Agan’s request to assist the Historical Society with property insurance costs.

The Marion County Historical Society was formed in 1955. They maintain the Marion County Historical Village, which sees out-of-town visitors and school field trips. Recently, the society expanded by including a Hall of Fame in the village.

In other news:

- The Board of Supervisors approved the third and final reading regarding the proposed zoning map changes for Sanctuary Gardens Farms, LLLP. The site will be located at 669 Highway 14, north of the Mile Long Bridge. The area will be rezoned from agricultural to commercial agricultural restricted.

Sanctuary Garden Farms plans to include gardens, an orchard, a packing shed, amenities for glamorous camping, and a party barn that could host wedding receptions and similar events.

- A request from the Clay Township Trustees regarding the purchase of an outdoor warning siren was approved. The siren will be located in the Tracy area.

- The board met in two closed sessions, both to discuss strategy with legal counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent. Following the closed sessions, the board approved the authorization of the County Attorney to hire outside counsel, as well as to acquire an abstract/title opinion.

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