The Marion County Board of Supervisors.

The Marion County Board of Supervisors held its annual organizational meeting this morning. 

This is the meeting in which several actions are taken to allow the board to conduct business throughout the year, including the selection of a chairman and vice chairman.

Sam Nichols will continue to serve as chairman and Jim Kingery will be the vice chairman. The seat Nichols holds on the board will be up for election in November, and he has indicated that he will not seek reelection. Kingery and Craig Agan were asked why they did not seek the leadership position this year, in light of this fact.

"I felt that Sam Nichols has done a good job," Agan said. He added that Nichols is good at the budgeting process and feels Nichols' leadership will help while he and Kingery continue to learn. 

"I think Sam's doing a fine job," Kingery added. Kingery, whose seat is also up for election in November, indicated he plans to seek reelection. He added that beyond setting up the agenda and leading the meetings, the chairman does not have many more extra duties. Kingery believes, if reelected, he will serve as chairman in 2013. If reelected, Kingery would be the most senior member of the board. 

Look for a full report on the supervisors' meeting in the Jan. 6 Journal-Express. 

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