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Knoxville Hospital and Clinics CEO Kevin Kincaid is pictured with Rep. Dave Loebsack.

Congressman Dave Loebsack was in Knoxville Wednesday afternoon and was treated to a tour of Knoxville Hospital and Clinics, as well as more information on the hospital’s renovation plans. 

As reported, KHC intends to invest $15 million to update and modernize its facility. Kevin Kincaid, CEO of KHC, reviewed the plans with Loebsack.

Kincaid showed Loebsack the models erected in the hospital, based upon actual specifications for the upcoming renovations. Loebsack was also shown examples of existing inpatient and examination rooms. History of the hospital was also shared. 

“There’s no doubt that the hospital definitely needs some renovations,” Loebsack said. “It was built in the 1980s and a lot of upgrades have to happen in terms of patient rooms, the emergency area...They’re definitely on the right path.” 

Loebsack went on to say that when regulations are proposed that may make things more difficult for Critical Access Hospitals, such as KHC, he has and will continue to work to oppose them. 

Kincaid was glad to welcome Loebsack to the facility. 

“Anytime that we get an opportunity for elected officials to see what is really going on on the front lines and how the rules and regulations that are being developed in Washington D.C. are affecting us right here...It’s just a great opportunity to showcase what we’re trying to accomplish here and advocate for what could help us out and do a good job,” Kincaid said. He added that Loebsack was able to see actual patients in the lobby and in the hospital.  “I think it was a great visit. It’s always nice to see our officials come by and take an interest in what we’re doing.”

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