City of Knoxville

City Council Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017 at 6:15 p.m.

Municipal Building Council Chambers

1. Call To Order

2. Citizen/Public Comments

3. Consent Agenda

3.I. Approve City Council Minutes Of December 19, 2016

3.II. Accept Library Board Of Trustees Minutes Of December 21, 2016

3.III. Designate Official Legal Newspaper For The City Of Knoxville-Knoxville Journal Express

3.IV. Mayoral Appointment Of Mayor Pro Tem Dawn Allspach-Kline

3.V. Affirmation Of City Attorney Bob Stuyvesant

3.VI. Schedule 2017 City Council Meetings

4. Item Agenda

4.I. Approve Resolution Authorizing City Manager And City Clerk To Execute Proxy For Agreement Regarding The Revised Iowa Risk Management Agreement With Iowa Communities Assurance Pool

4.II. Approve Payment Of Claims

5. Reports

  • Mayor’s Report
  • City Manager’s Report

6. Adjourn

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