The monthly Trojan Tromp, in which two students are selected from each class at Pleasantville Elementary for their good work, was held Friday morning. 

Each month, teachers select students who best exemplify the stated goal of each month. Principal Tom Roff and staff have been encouraging author Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. One will be addressed each month, and September's was "being proactive." 

With composer John Williams's epic theme songs from "Superman" and "Indiana Jones" blaring through the crowded hallways, full of classmates, parents and staff, these 38 students had the privilege of running through them and giving all a high-five. 

Miss Mortensen's Class: Paytyn Weaver and Karter Collum

Mrs. Cummings's Class: Bella Sutter and Beckett Hicks

Mrs. Wicks's Class: Blake Bingham and Hayden Mull

Mrs. Beier's Class: Ava Murray and Timothy Finley

Mrs. Friday's Class: Haylee Perry and Claira Vestal

Mrs. Perry's Class: Binley Bakker and Shaylyn Dehart

Mrs. Thomas's Class: Colby Christensen and Madeline Hamilton

Mrs. Rector's Class: Jacob Rowson and Grace Goodale

Mrs. Gustafson's Class: Cale Sorenson and Kylie Jolly

Mrs. Brillhart's Class: Collin Giles and Brody Bjerke

Miss Wild's Class: Isabelle Leiting and Tanner Booth

Mrs. Worthington's Class: London Burdett and Blake Rowson

Mrs. Gordon's Class: Grace Hintz and Caylor Jones

Mrs. Busick's Class: Kodi Phillips and Kyleigh McConnell

Ms. Eakes's Class: Lexie Keeney and Dawson Schrader

Ms. Nowak's Class: Ava Green and Addison Wall

Mr. Harken's Class: Dannin Hintz and Dylan Aldrich

Mrs. Kenyon's Class: Katherine Nickel and Logan Courtney

Mrs. Hoffman's Class: Emily Lisenko and Sicily Schuck

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