KNOXVILLE — Ladies at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church have spent the last six months making quilts for Lutheran World Relief.

Diane Nelson, one of the quilt makers, said the church is getting ready to send out baby care kits made by the ladies. The church sends out kits twice a year, and are getting ready to send their first shipment April 29.

The ladies of the church, with the help from residents of Homestead Assisted Living, prepare the baby kit bundles for shipping.

“We had about 12 people who came. We had all the supplies lined up in bins and told [Homestead residents] how many of each item to put in together for each bag,” Nelson said. “It makes the residents feel good to help us.”

Nelson said many items go into each package that is useful to a new mother. Each kit contains two blankets, two T-shirts, four homemade diapers made from layering T-shirts, a knitted sweater, crotchet stocking hat, three bars of ivory soap, two pairs of socks, a wash towel and a gown.

The church brings the baby kits and quilts to Ankeny, then packages are sent to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they are bundled and sent overseas to countries in need. In all, 76 baby kits and more than 100 quilts are being shipped overseas.

Thrivent Financial helped cover expenses of materials needed for the baby packages some by giving the church a grant.

Nelson said it didn't take long to spend the grant money.

One of the ladies, Eva Lebech, just turned 90-years-old and helped sew the quilts. Lebech has been quilting for as long as she can remember and enjoys it. She also plays cards but it is not the same as quilting.

“With cards, it's a repetitious thing that you play the same game over and over,” Lebech said. “With quilting, there is a product being made and you're visiting with friends at the same time.”

Ethan Goetz is a general assignment reporter for the Knoxville Journal-Express. He can be reached in the newsroom at 641-842-2155, ext. 19, or via email at Follow him on Twitter @Ethan_Goetz.

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