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Mason Haliburton, age seven-and-a-half, came to Newton from Omaha, Neb., with his father to attend his eighth rally featuring either Donald Trump or Mike Pence. 

"I've met Trump two times," the boy, sporting a Pence-autographed "Make America Great Again" cap and a shirt covered in Trump campaign buttons, said. He has 49 Trump campaign buttons. 

Haliburton said he is a star because of Trump. He has had his picture taken with Trump and Pence, and he has both of their autographs. Haliburton has even been featured in multiple newspapers. 

Haliburton says he has enjoyed traveling to all of these rallies with his father, as well as collecting all of the campaign memorabilia. At the Newton event on Tuesday, Pence even referred to the boy as his "buddy" and let him ask the last question of the event. 

Steve Woodhouse is the Editor of the Knoxville Journal-Express. He can be reached at

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