Rest of RAGBRAI route announced

Courtesy RAGBRAIA map showing the route out of Centerville toward Fairfield, that RAGBRAI riders will take on July 25.

Riders in Centerville for the annual statewide bike ride in July will leave on Highway 2 when they depart for Fairfield.

Centerville is an overnight town on July 24 — the midway point on the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.

On the morning of July 25, riders will be departing for the next town on Fairfield.

Last week, RAGBRAI officials announced that route.

Riders will have a 65-mile trip ahead of them, starting by leaving Centerville eastbound on Highway 2. They will stay on that highway until they reach Bloomfield, which is the meeting town for the day.

They’ll continue onto county highways for the rest of the journey, passing through Troy and Lebanon, then turning north to cross the Des Moines River between Leando and Douds. Their travel will continue north through Libertyville before turning toward Fairfield.

Centerville is the quickest repeat town on the ride this year, having hosted RAGBRAI last in 2016.

The ride in to Centerville will be the longest of the week at 78 miles, and that is without the potential 32-mile addition of the Karras Loop around Rathbun Lake, that is optional for riders.

From Centerville to Fairfield the route is about 65 miles, the second longest of the week.

Still, the total RAGBRAI route this year is the sixth shortest and 8th flattest in history.

The ride begins on July 20 in Council Bluffs, and heads through Atlantic, Winterset, Indianola, Centerville, Fairfield, Burlington and Keokuk.

Support vehicle maps will be released in early July by RAGBRAI officials.

The Centerville RAGBRAI organization is in the planning stages for the event. They will announce this year’s theme on April 3 at Simon Estes Auditorium in a community event starting at 5:30 p.m.

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