The Grand Theater launches weekly


“Upstairs - Downstairs” initiative.


Every Tuesday and Wednesday the current


movie titles switch theaters.


Knoxville, Iowa, May 2, 2016:

Don’t want to climb the stairs at the Grand Theater to see a movie? Do you prefer movies in the more intimate, smaller theater? Now you can see the current movies in either theater in the same week! Beginning the first week of May, every Tuesday and Wednesday evening the film screening in the downstairs theater moves up and the film screening in the upstairs theater moves down.

In the past some patrons may have missed seeing a specific movie because it wasn’t being shown in their preferred theater. Now, every week the potential barrier to enjoying a movie because it was playing only in the upstairs theater has been removed.

“We are happy to accommodate more of our community with easy access to every title we show at the Grand Theater,” says Sean Skeehan, Executive Director of the Grand Theater Foundation. For specifics of what movie is playing in which theater on a given day, call our phone service at 641-842-5415 or visit the theater’s website.

To learn more about The Grand Theater Foundation and our programming please contact Sean Skeehan at 641-203-0758, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook.

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