Narrow restriction of local information about confirmed cases of COVID-19 begs the question: What is the appropriate balance between protecting an individual’s identity and the public’s right to information during a public health crisis?

One of my memories, one that had been tucked away back where the cobwebs congregate, is from that day in 2004 when the oldest Evans daughter graduated from Saint Louis University.

San Francisco and six Bay Area counties, with a combined population of nearly 7 million, are under “shelter-in-place” orders directing everyone to basically stay inside their homes for the next three weeks in hopes of suppressing the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the region.

Iowans take considerable pleasure in enumerating the various ways our state stands apart from the other 49 states – beyond our endangered first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses.

LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- It happened again this morning. Just after dawn my youngest daughter was whisked away in a yellow bus to spend the day at one of the most socialist institutions on our city: Lockport High School. 

The Declaration of Independence recognizes each individual is endowed with inalienable rights. Americans cherish our blessings of freedom, including the rights of individuals to worship freely. From one generation to the next, Americans enjoy the freedom to live one’s faith, no matter one’s …

Drs. Lucas Mihalovich, Spencer Carlstone, Anne Hellbusch, Richard Posthuma, Daniel Rowley, Tereasa Van Zee, and Craig Wittenberg are family practice/OB physicians at Pella Regional Health Center.

Reentry into regular life after the Iowa caucuses can be challenging, even when it doesn’t take four days to report results.

Technology changes everything it touches, without itself being changed much at all. Introduce it into the economy, and the economy is all about technology. Introduce it into education, and education is about the technology. Introduce it into elections, and you have the Iowa Democratic Caucus.

When former U.S. Rep. Ed Mezvinsky was making his first run for Congress during the Watergate scandal in 1972, the question of whether President Richard Nixon should be impeached was not on voters’ minds.

It’s no secret that Washington politics have become so polarized that it can be tough for Democrats and Republicans to come together to tackle challenges that their constituents face. But that’s exactly what happened recently on Capitol Hill thanks to Iowa’s Congressional delegation.

As this year nears its end, the Grassley family is grateful for another fall harvest. Like other family farms across Iowa, our three-generation farming operation experiences many of the uncertainties blanketing our profession.

The Iowa Board of Regents is being asked this week to consider a complex proposal to turn the operation of the University of Iowa’s utility system over to an unnamed business that will be paid to operate it for the next 50 years.

Mark Cady was right at home at the piano and was an occasional singer, too, maybe best known among family and friends for his rendition of “Easter Parade” each New Year’s Eve — a whimsical tidbit that widened the eyes of some people at his funeral last week.

Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish author and novelist (1771-1832) was correct when he said “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” The phrase may apply to Walt Rogers’ September 30 Des Moines Register op-ed titled “Claims Iowa isn’t spending enough on education don’t …

Thirty million people in this country don’t have access to health care. And the rest of us? Too many Americans have such inadequate plans they can barely afford to take their kids or parents to see a doctor.

Americans are concerned about the high price of drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has become a system rife with gaming. Profits are regularly prioritized over patients. Laws meant to encourage innovation, recoup private investment, and ensure patient access are too often manipulated to supp…

If we want to win, we can’t worry about what the other side will say about us, and we need to advocate for the best interest of the country day in and day out.

VALDOSTA — Jimmy Carter, the longest living U.S. President, turned 95 Tuesday.

TAIPEI, Taiwan — What happens on Hong Kong Island does not stay there. The ongoing tsunami of discontent washes over this island, which, like Hong Kong, is navigating the choppy waters of relations with the same large and menacing mainland neighbor. This nation — which is such psychologicall…

Rural communities are struggling to keep health care services available to their residents. 

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — It is difficult to discourage and impossible to manage Justin Amash because he, unusual among politicians, does not want much and wants nothing inordinately. He would like to win a sixth term as congressman from this culturally distinctive slice of the Midwest. He do…

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