Words matter when it comes to leading as president of the United States, and unfortunately, the 140 characters of Twitter don’t cut it.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been making campaign hay from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s gaffe in saying half of Trump’s supporters would fit into a “basket of deplorables.”

Even as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump assaults freedom of speech by his critics, the 2016 campaign highlights the enduring value and power of the First Amendment – and the need to protect its principles from erosion by self-serving politicians.

Our newspaper, the Ottumwa Courier, has seen innumerable elections. We’ve seen candidates come and go. Some have been brilliant leaders, others less so. But never have we seen a candidate for high office so fundamentally unfit to hold it as Donald J. Trump.

During the Iowa caucus campaign six months ago, Donald Trump skipped the final Republican debate moderated by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, with whom he was feuding. Instead he held a charity event to raise millions for wounded veterans, including his personal donation of $1 million.

Too many people don’t like the news media because of the conventional notion, advanced by our critics, that journalists are cavalier with the facts and report the news with bias.

I was surprised to learn that I agree with Tom Brokaw on something. As I was driving home Wednesday night, I heard one of Brokaw’s “American Stories,” in which he discussed the most recent, heavily-covered shooting at the community college in Oregon.

Makayla Bell, daughter of Eric and Melanie Bell, had the honor of being kid captain at the University of Iowa's game against Illinois State University. Bell, who is eight, said last Saturday was “awesome.”

As members of the Pella Electric Cooperative Association, we’re hopeful our co-op will engage in an open and unbiased discussion about our energy future. Pella Co-op recently proposed to tack an $85 charge on the monthly bills of those having renewable energy systems. While the Pella Co-op h…

Friday afternoon, the Knoxville community will be saying goodbye to City Manager Harold Stewart after four years in the position.

It’s been almost a year now since I started working at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, and I can hardly believe it. The time has certainly gone faster than I ever thought possible. It seems like yesterday I was just starting and people were asking what my goals for the Chamber were. Sever…

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