If we want to win, we can’t worry about what the other side will say about us, and we need to advocate for the best interest of the country day in and day out.

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You may not have realized it at the time, but this week ushered in a new normal for Iowans: It was the first Fourth of July after the sale of fireworks became legal in our state. If Knoxville is any example, city ordinances banning the use of fireworks carry almost no deterrent value. Here, …

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I have written many letters to the Journal, to be posted and read by our many residents, and most of them were very positive. This letter is both positive and negative. I would like to start out by the positive part:

Recently a letter was sent to city and county leaders regarding the expansion of the Knoxville Senior Center. The letter contained many concerns regarding this expansion and questioned the integrity of one of the center’s project leaders. Unfortunately this letter was sent anonymously and co…

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