Dear Editor,

Earlier this summer, I went to a farm crawl with Beto O’Rourke and heard him speak on the issues of climate change, and was so impressed that I also went to a town hall he held later that day. After talking with him, I realized that Beto was really a candidate for the next generation of Americans, and would do whatever it takes to protect my future.

So, when I heard about Beto attending the Polk County Steak Fry, I knew I had to be there. Before the main event started, my dad and I walked around the event and talked to different people from the Warren, Buttigieg, and Beto campaigns. When Beto arrived, the energy was palpable. In his speech, Beto told us that we need to be fearless on issues like gun violence and climate change, and I think that should be a lesson for whoever our nominee is come November.

If we want to win, we can’t worry about what the other side will say about us, and we need to advocate for the best interest of the country day in and day out. That’s why I’m supporting Beto, why as soon as the speech was over, I got connected to his organizers in my area, and why I hope anyone reading this gives Beto O’Rourke a serious look before caucus night.

Nash Linsley, Knoxville

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