MINI-HEADER: We loved Nationals

We would like to comment on our awesome Nationals. They were amazing! Each year we think it cannot get any better, and it does.

Everything that makes up the entire 10 days is the best: special events offered each day, great food, the parade, the perfect track prep, the organization on getting all those cars running without delay, the drivers, their teams and beautiful race cars, and race fans from all over the world who were so nice to visit with. They said they all loved being here and enjoyed everything so much.

Special thanks to many of our friends who helped make it possible for me to attend. I had a back injury, and so many helped me out. And a special thanks to my special husband, who did everything possible to make me comfortable. Without him and our friends, I would have never made those races.

Again there is no place like Knoxville and the Knoxville Raceway. We realize that is very much work and preparation. I would love to start naming people, but so afraid I would leave someone out.

We love you all, and we’re so glad to be part of this spectacular event. The dates for next year will be on my countdown calendar very soon.

Our Saturday night races were also great. The 305s, 360s and 410s all were so good! Thank you to all who made this so successful and entertained us.

We love you all and look forward to next Spring already!

Bob and Ruth Ann Wagner


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