Growing up on the farm: valuable lessons, great memories

Growing up on a farm can bring many life lessons and a lot of memories. I was fortunate to grow up on a farm. My parents instilled in me that a hard work ethic and hard work does pay off. Well, sometimes.

I learned that things don’t always go your way, life is not always fair and there will always be hard times to get through, but it is how you handle them to get to the good ones.

With area county fairs ending or beginning, they always bring back memories of my time being involved in 4-H. My family was involved in showing cattle at our county fair. The competition was always pretty tough when competing against the other area families.

If my memory serves me right the overall grand champion winner had to treat everyone to a dinner, but for some odd reason this was a parents only dinner. I would say after a week of the fair and parents putting up with their kids they needed it.

I also participated in the horse show, which was my favorite. I spent hours riding horses and it was my favorite thing to do growing up. I not only competed in the fair’s horse show, but went to several area fun shows.

Going to horse fun shows was always great. During the competitions I learned that doing the dizzy bat was a challenge to get back on the horse and that running a horse full speed down the area to tear out a certain page in the Sears catalog was not as easy as it sounded.

Some of my favorite memories from the fair was not about the livestock shows, it was making new friends from around the county, the water balloon fights or dunking someone in the water tanks to cool off.

I hope that the Marion County 4-H clubs had a great time at the fair this year and made lots of new memories.

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