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The Knoxville Journal-Express has been a part of the history of Knoxville, Iowa, since 18 months after the incorporation of the town. This business is the oldest in Knoxville.

The Journal was founded by William Milo Stone, a Civil War hero and friend of Abraham Lincoln, who went on to serve as governor of Iowa. The first edition of the Knoxville Journal was printed on Oct. 1, 1855.

Throughout the history of the Journal, there have been rival papers. Among the most successful was the Knoxville Express. The Journal and Express were combined over 50 years ago.

Our print readers buy the newspaper for many reasons.  You're interested in the stories of your children's exploits in the classroom and on the field and cut out the stories to paste in their scrapbooks.  You read about the trials at the courthouse and the obituaries of your friends and loved ones.  Your neighbors are profiled and your family and friends are the subjects of our feature stories.  The reasons for reading are as diverse as the readers.

Our reach has also expanded to the internet and social media.  Readers can view breaking news and featured information on our website at www.journalexpress.net. The Journal-Express staff also uses Facebook and Twitter to reach readers with breaking news and links to stories of interest.

Knoxville is the county seat of Marion County, Iowa. The Knoxville Journal-Express prides itself on its coverage of the entire county in conjunction with sister newspaper, The Pella Chronicle. Marion County has numerous municipalities and several unincorporated villages, all of which have rich and unique stories to be shared.

The Knoxville Journal Express is here - as it has been for 158 years - to record the events of our lives in Marion County.

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