Dewease earns $20,000 Priority Aviation Sponsor

Lance Dewease

KNOXVILLE – A flurry of activity on the final day (July 31) made the race for the Priority Aviation $20,000 Sponsorship come down to the wire. In the end, Lance Dewease of Fayetteville, Pennsylvania brought in the most donations towards the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum and the construction of the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower, and will be awarded with a check for $20,000 from Richard and Jennifer Marshall and Priority Aviation.

The contest brought in over $60,000 that will go towards construction costs of the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower. “We had 21 drivers involved in the contest, and we’d like to thank them and their fans for their generous contributions to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum,” said Executive Director, Bob Baker.

He added, “Richard and Jennifer Marshall came up with this plan at the Chili Bowl and we really have them to thank as well. The way that race teams and their fans have been so generous has just exceeded our expectations.”

The contest, announced in late January, was open to any drivers competing at Knoxville Raceway in either the 360 or 410 Knoxville Nationals. The driver bringing the most donations through memberships or other means was awarded the $20,000.

Pennsylvania’s Dewease ended up on top of the standings, ahead of Iowa’s Carson McCarl, Iowa’s McKenna Haase, Wisconsin’s Bill Balog, Connecticut’s David Gravel, Tennessee’s Sammy Swindell, Indiana’s Tyler Courtney, Oregon’s Tanner Holmes, Ohio’s Jac Haudenschild, Ohio’s Sheldon Haudenschild, and others.

Dewease will be saluted after the heat races on Wednesday of the Knoxville Nationals by Richard and Jennifer Marshall of Priority Aviation.

Other contests benefiting the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum are imminent as well.

On Friday, August 9, a lucky winner will be drawn for our Australian Sprint Car Vacation raffle.

On Saturday, August 10, the 2019 Torch Red ZO6 Corvette now displayed in the front window will be given away.