Shilling wins the Enduro

Tony Shilling

KNOXVILLE – Tony Shilling of Knoxville took the 31st annual Marion County Fair Enduro at Knoxville Raceway Saturday night. In a race that went the full 200 laps, the win paid him $1,000 for his efforts.

Two-time Enduro winner, Tyler Sutter, seemed to have the car to beat, but suffered myriad of issues that needed three pit stops. He would eventually retire a handful of laps form the end. Each time, Sutter had issues, Shilling would retake the lead in a classic battle of “the tortoise and the hare.”

Shilling’s final pass for the lead came with 8:49 left in the event. His 200th lap coincided with the two hour time limit. It was Shilling’s first Enduro win, but he does have a pair of 360 sprint car wins to his credit here.

Des Moines native Blake Miller finished second for the second year in a row, pocketing $700, and Todd Zobel, also from Des Moines grabbed $500 for third.

Just three red flag periods were encountered along the way for various reasons such as debris on the track as well as removal of stalled cars which were in a dangerous position.

Saturday night, July 20 is 3M Night at Knoxville Raceway. All three sprint car divisions will be in action. The 360 class will see a feature paying $3,000 to win, as well as their make-up feature from June 22.

Top 20 Finishers: (Official Finish)

1. 74, Tony Shilling, Knoxville, 200 laps; 2. 1, Blake Miller, Des Moines; 3. 17, Todd Zobel, Des Moines; 4. 75, Marty Erdman, Jonesville, MN; 5. 4, Branden Lee, Knoxville; 6. 5m, Mike Goff, Lacona; 7. 14T, Tyler Sutter, Pleasantville; 8. 7x, Ryan Lundy, Knoxville; 9. 51, Jason Everley, Knoxville; 10. 4E, Brian Clarke, Knoxville; 11. 00J, Joe Graves, Melcher-Dallas; 12. 69, Chad DeJong, Knoxville; 13. 10s, Dave Seddon, Knoxville; 14. 78, Mike DeJong, Knoxville; 15. 50, Wes Alexander, Melcher-Dallas; 16. 47T, Cory Moore, Knoxville; 17. 10, Trevor Flesher, Lacona; 18. 22, Seth Vernon, Knoxville; 19. 33m, Jamie Matheny, Des Moines; 20. 75A, Brad Alexander, Melcher-Dallas