On a nice evening, May 23, the Knoxville Shooting Team finished its regular season with the Marion County Competition held at the Marion County Sportsmens Club range.

Now, there will be a week layoff prior to the State meets to follow at Cedar Falls.

At State each athlete will shoot at 200 targets in a single day. Five Panther shooters scored perfect rounds of 25 out of 25 targets: Emma Carlson, Kodis Rawlings, Hunter Shives, Milo Johnston, and Brady Wiseman.

Occasionally, two shooters score the same. To break the tie, the scorers fall back on criteria.

In this tie, you go to the end of the scoresheet after 50 rounds have been shot. You take a count from the back and the competitor that goes back from the back the farthest without a miss gets the tie.

On this night two shooters scored a tie for second place. One finished third this way and one finished second. Brandon White finished second in the Junior Varsity men’s competition with a reverse score of 8 while Mike Owens finished with a 7. Thus, silver and bronze were established after some very fine shooting.

Ryan Hardman, head coach mentioned that the team was ready to go to state.


Gold- Varsity Men – Brady Wiseman

Varsity Women – Evie Crowell

Ladies Intermediate Advanced – Nikolle Kussatz

Men’s Intermediate Beginner – Donovan Binns

JV Squad – Brandon White, Michael Owens, Larry Remster, Kaden Rodgers, Kodis Rawlings

Silver_ JV Mens – Brandon White

Womens Intermediate Advanced – Jasmine Holbrook

Women’s Intermediate Beginner – Hannah White

Varsity Black Squad- Caleb Hall, Coledon Vroegh, Dalton Puffenbarger, Evie Crowell, Colin Smith

Intermediate Entry Squad- Cameron Kinney, Jonah Schumacher, Donovan Binns, Lane Gerdom-Stewart, Austen Crowell

Bronze- Men’s Varsity – Hunter Shives

Women’s Varsity – Emma Carlson

Men’s Junior Varsity – Michael Owens

Women’s Intermediate Advanced – Bailey Finken

Men’s Intermediate Beginner – Tristen Carter

Green Varsity Squad- Gabe Seuferer, Jaron Sedlock, Brady Pearson, Eli Hamilton, Hunter Shives

Intermediate advanced Squad – Kale Kincaid, Wayne Johnston, Jasmine Holbrook, Nikolle Kussatz, Tyler Comer